Artistic Blue Balls

Some people work out. Some people meditate. Some people journal. I paint. I go to a whole other world when I’m painting. Everything else blurs out. I’m on my own little island and everything else is underwater. I can see it, if its close enough to the surface, I can hear, but nothing can touch me. I work through pieces of art fairly quickly but its almost a compulsory need to execute and complete whatever idea I have. I’ve been playing around with an idea for the last few weeks. I started with a topic that means a lot to me, worked out a color scheme, and then just randomly, I figured out exactly how I’m going to get my message across. When I get that ‘AHA’ moment, I get so anxious to get to work. Yesterday I had that moment but I didn’t have a blank canvas. It was late at night and I was already tired. Going out to get one wasn’t an option and it left me with such a feeling of unease and restlessness. I woke up the next morning firmly on the wrong side of the bed. I would love to be able to wake up and go right to painting but alas... I still have a job. If you ever see me and I’m a little bit off, its not you. I just need to create. And maybe eat. Hi, I’m Alyse and I’m addicting to painting.

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